Gerhard Richter Painting

“Magnificent and evocative…as close as cinema gets to tracking the impulses and paradoxes of a gifted imagination.”

— Aaron Hillis, Village Voice (Full review)

“Most exciting of all is the heavy scrape of the giant squeegee Richter draws across the canvas, magically transforming the paint below and thrilling the eye and ear with the near-tactile reality of contact and creation. The film is akin to being in a museum that’s come alive.”

— Nicolas Rapold, Film Comment (Full review)

“Shows us the world’s most famous living painter, who turned 80 in February, at work with greater intimacy than any other film portrait of a contemporary artist provides.”

— Kenneth Baker, San Francisco Chronicle (Full review)

“Fascinating, even exciting…Mr. Richter communicates a pleasure in work, even at its most laborious.”

— Rachel Saltz, The New York Times (Full review)

“[A] remarkable, must-see portrait. We can predict this profile, which is best seen on a big screen, will wind up in a museum collection someday.”

— Mindy Bond, Flavorpill (Full review)

“A stunning experience…bound to draw the attention of the art world everywhere.”

— Dan Fainaru, Screen International (Full review)

“A gorgeously rendered work of art. Offers fascinating insight…and a mesmerizing survey of [Richter’s] complete oeuvre.”

— Alissa Simon, Variety (Full review)

“A must-see for followers of contemporary painting…one of the most important living painters shows how he does it.”

— John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter (Full review)